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Lisa’s reading are simply not readings. They are readings, healings and a beautiful, peaceful moment in time. I have experienced many readings in the past but had never been exposed to a reading AND healing combined. After my first reading, I floated away with a better understanding of my past, my current situation and what I could create for the future. My entire family has been positively impacted in life changing ways by Lisa. We enjoy her light and fun personality along with her fantastic gifts. If you can encounter Lisa, consider yourself very blessed.
~ C.M. – Reno ~

I wanted to let you know what a difference you have made in my life. I wrote the letter to my ****** and ****** it like you told me to and I feel good about that. The real impact came from you saying “*******”. That was huge for me. It hit me that I am not ******** I am just ********. What a wake up. Life is so much better now. I have found my joy … I feel so much lighter. I get that you are just telling me what I show you. I guess your special talent is to say it in a way each of us needs to hear. Thank you. {Excerpt from an unsolicited email … I have edited the personal references so as to maintain the privacy of my client.}

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Though not a ‘reading junkie’ I have over the years availed myself of numerous diverse readers and more often than not have been satisfied. Lisa’s reading, however, was more than satisfying. She answered questions that I’d had for so long but was never able to articulate. Lisa presented the information with sensitivity, clarity and caring which translated into a healing and opportunity for personal growth. A truly life enhancing experience for me.”
~ Cj Holloway, Retired Artist ~

My reading with Lisa was a truly wonderful experience. The insight that Lisa offered resonated with me on an incredibly deep level. It has come at a period of transition for me, and has served as a great tool to gain and maintain clarity through my current challenge. Since having my reading, whenever I feel myself slipping off my path, I have turned to the recording as a tool to realign myself. I cannot put into words what an INCREDIBLY useful tool it has been for me. The experience is something that I feel truly honored to have had. Thank you Lisa!”
~ Mitchell Gerbus, Artist & Filmmaker ~

Schedule A ‘Donation Only’ Spiritual Reading & Wellness Session with Me

“Lisa – thank you for your inspirational reading. So much happened during the reading … I felt a great release. Your reading was very clean, accurate and emotionally stirring. It was like I’d spent hours in counseling but it was just an hour of my time. Even though the reading brought tears to my eyes I felt it helped me open up to emotions and judgments I placed on myself. I was able to release those judgments and recapture my personal truth. You were able to verbally elaborate unconscious feelings and thoughts that helped me release. I have highly recommended you to my friends because they have seen the change. I became more balanced and grounded after the reading. The awareness from the reading brought me back to my center. ”
~ Janet Johnson, Artist & Sculptor ~

“Lisa – I can hardly believe how you discovered the soul of me and brought it to the fore! You have inspired me to love my life and to love who I am and I can never thank you enough for that. I am in awe of your intuitiveness, gentleness and spirituality. Thank you. The first of many visits….”
~ Phyl Brown, Entrepreneur and World Traveler ~

“Lisa – The reading you gave me was an empowering experience for me. I am a newcomer to this thinking and found myself validated on what was formerly a subconscious level. Your interpretations gave me much insight as to where and how I want to proceed in the future. Your clarification has given me the ability to focus and channel my energy into a positive pathway. What a gift to have this given to me in such a loving, positive environment. This was an experience that will not soon be forgotten.”
~ Anne Mitchell, Artist & Painter ~

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Energy Body

“Lisa – The reading you gave me was one of the best readings I have ever had. It was different than other readings. It was very informative and very accurate. I really saw myself in the reading. It was like you really saw who I am as a person. It was extremely validating. I also saw some things that I feel I would like to address in my life. The reading made me aware that I had brushed a few things under the carpet. Lisa, thank you. Your readings will be a gift to all who have the pleasure of experiencing one.”
~ Jeannine Kaiser, CPCC, America’s Dating Coach ~

“Even though I am an intuitive, like Lisa, I at times need a little help from my friend to figure something out. I have known Lisa for about six years and I consult with her because she is one of the best readers I know. She has the ability to give you answers that give you perspective about what is going on in your life. She also validates you as spirit and sees you and the path you are currently on. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to hear the truth.”
~ Betty Salerno, Property Management & Real Estate ~

“Lisa took me on a relaxing stroll through a forest of past, present and future lifetimes. Her vision of the present was very accurate. She also showed me past lives I had not yet seen and an honest glimpse of the future that was refreshingly positive. Lisa reads from a half full rather than half empty space. She remains grounded throughout the reading, providing a solid footing for a very enjoyable experience.”
~ Lauri S., Professor & Teacher ~

“Wow, what an incredible reading. Lisa you really have a gift! Insightful and valuable information. Everything really rang true. I look forward to another reading in the near future. Thanks again.”
~ Amy Gerbus, R.E. Developer, Designer, Contractor ~

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